Cat-ski is similar to a heli-ski, only for the transport of skiers on the hills at the beginning of the downhill is not used helicopter, but rolboy. Cat-ski is a much cheaper version of the great freeride racing against heli-skiing. However, more specific conditions are needed than heli-ski. There is a need to find slopes that are well accessible from a certain point in order for the roller to escape. There is a need for constant rainfall in the area to ensure that the tracks are regularly covered with fresh snow. There is a need for a forest on the slopes to be able to ride even in poor visibility and snowfall. There is a need for proximity to civilization to make the base servicable only with the help of cars and roles ... and we have all discovered this in Bachmar, Georgia, where we have prepared a freeride base where you can also run heli-ski in addition to CAT-SKI skialpinismus ..

The base is located in the Adžárske Mountains near the town of Čochatauri at an altitude of 1950 m. In winter it is only available a helicopter or helicopter, which is also available at the base during the whole season. We are skiing at 1600-2750 m above sea level, most of the slopes are oriented to the north and the under 2100 m areas are covered with sparse beech or spruce forests, which guarantees excellent snow quality and the possibility of riding even during snow and worse visibility

At the base, we have two Kassbohrer Pisten Bully 300 and Pisten Bully 300 Polar boats that can accommodate up to 22 people in one moment. Supply is provided by the Leitner truck or scooter.